Monday, August 06, 2012

Missing Stuff

This weekend I was in Cape May. Only right now am I reading what happened to the Red Sox on Saturday. I got to see the shitty Friday night game at Chan's apartment in NYC on The next day I was boogie boarding up a storm with my friends Brian and Jen and at the end of the night I had ESPN on just to get the score, and I saw "[something something] Leaves Red Sox Reeling." I then saw it was a 6-4 loss and figured it was just a "normal" loss, albeit our third in a row to the crappy Twins. I know now it was a "winning with 2 outs in the goddamn 9th but still lose" game. From what I read on Joy of Sox, I'm glad I missed that one. Sunday, more boarding, and at the end of the night I got back to NYC and saw we got a win to salvage one out of four.

But the standings don't look too much different than they did before the weekend, so we've still got a shot at this.

Tonight the Rangers come in and we face Yu in game one.


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