Friday, August 03, 2012

Killing Time

Every team's fans (and media) think their team specifically has trouble against pitchers they've never seen before. (At least Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets fans anyway.) After last night's loss I knew we'd hear that same old story. Sure enough, Gordon Edes asked V about it. So this is just a quick note to say that for the Red Sox, it's not true. Here's Allan Wood's research about it (which covers 1995-2008, so granted it's not completely up to date).

It just goes along with people seeing something that seems odd more than once (or recently) and thinking of it as happening "all the time." I swear a Red Sox pitcher could go all season without giving up a home run, then he gives up one big one and the next time he pitches, people will say "Here comes Mr. Home Runny Pants, lock up your wives and daughters everybody!" Or a guy has two bad early outings out of the pen, and 25 great outings later, fans see the guy and say "uh oh...."

Happens in real life too. I kill two lousy people in a fight over a parking spot, and suddenly, despite the millions of people I've let live, I'm a murderer. Okay, bad example. My point is, Deduno is not a murderer.

Twins @ SOX, 7:10.


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