Sunday, August 19, 2012

J'ad Unfair

Weird to be in NYC during Sox-Yanks and not go to a game. But that's how it went down. I'd like to report a new level of Jeter Efregiousness. There's a commercial for your tri-state Ford dealers, which shows scenes of cars with music playing. That's the whole ad. Execpt for a few shots of Jeter interspersed! For no apparent reason. Classic.

Classic Fox-up in this game. In the fourth inning, Fat(head) Albert said that the Yankees were perfectly positioned "as usual" when 3B McGehee got Ellsbury out after Ell's excuse-me check swing grounder. McGehee EXPECTED a check swing? Does NY even need a marketing department? - daddybcat
Those Jeter Ford ads are not new, they were running last season as well. In fact, they were even in pretty solid rotation on some of the NY stations this past winter.

And not that weird to be in NYC and miss this series...very little reason to be paying attention at this point.
daddybcat: thanks.

AJM: Yeah I didn't think it was actually new, just new to me since I haven't been around there. I had seen while visiting Chan the ads with Jeter as spokesman. But I couldn't believe this one--just random Jeter highlights thrown into a car ad with no explanation! Just kind of fit in perfectly with the whole "we must see Jeter even when he's got nothing to do with what's happening" theme.

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