Monday, August 20, 2012

Holy Cow

If Ichiro commits harakiri for dishonoring his former team by tanking it, I hope Nick Swisher is standing right behind him.

So, anyway, enough about this shitshow season, a few things that I never got around to mentioning this summer:

Inspired by your comment, I played hooky from work one afternoon about a month ago and went to see Moonrise Kingdom at the Historic Avon Theatre; don't get to go to movies at night anymore with the twins. A bit too precious, but I guess that should be expected from Wes Anderson, and overall I enjoyed it a great deal. Just wish that for once I could see a movie in the big theatre at the Avon; every time I go the film I buy a ticket for is in the little theatre upstairs.

Jordan Youkilis completed his rotation with our business about a month ago. I ended up getting a few work emails from him, and ran into him a few times in the halls. Seemed like a nice kid. I meant to invite him out for a beer at Bobby V's on his last day, but I don't think he would have been physically or emotionally into it.*

The weird thing about renaming the ADT clock as the Tyco clock is that currently ADT is a division of Tyco, but in a month it's going to get spun out and become a separate company. So I guess that means that Tyco is going to remain the sponsor. And yeah, the old Tyco CEO has been in jail for many years...met him a couple times back in the day.

And lastly, a couple weeks ago I got invited to take a tour of the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn as they finish construction. Got my picture taken in the Nets' locker room, and saw a lot of other cool stuff. I might just jump on the Nets' bandwagon with you (assuming you're still on it).

* I slay myself
1. Ohhh, that Avon. Stamford. Funny how both our cities' historic theaters are called the Avon. I feel like I saw something at your Avon, but it might have been Norwalk, because I remember thinking how I should open a theater there called the Neither Run Norwalk. Might have even been Royal Tennenbaums.

2. Weird, I had been thinking Tyco was the toy company. But I also had thought all along that the CEO thing was the toy company too! I see now I was all confused. So the clock Tyco isn't toys. But it IS the place with the jailed CEO.

3. I stopped liking the Nets after "YankeeNets" became a thing. It actually would be the perfect time to start up with them again, but, the thing is, I can't stand Jay-Z. (Also, if you've listened to the FAN lately I'm sure you've heard all these Knicks fans saying how they're switching over. Terrible job.)

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