Monday, August 13, 2012


NESN has been effing up at a rate I can't even keep up with. (Joy of Sox has an extensive post up about their shoddy overall job.) So here are two recent gaffes. The first one is from when Ellsbury tried to stretch a double into a triple. While they were showing replays, you could hear the first pitch to the next better hit the catcher's glove. (0:25 of the clip.) Then they cut to Jacoby in the dugout before finally getting back to the CF camera for the second pitch--and the first one isn't replayed or even mentioned. Watch:

With all the downtime in a baseball game, it's hard to miss a pitch. But they do it all the time. Bonus: There are two other things that I don't like about that coverage:

1. I wanted to see Ellsbury's path around the bases. On the live shot we saw him for a second as he hit second base. There was a slight hesitation but he only did it to make sure he's hit second base, it seemed. However, it looked like he was coming in at a funny angle, as if he hadn't intended to round the bag and then decided to late. Either way, I would have liked to see if he had slowed up at any point (costing him, as he was out by a hair), or if he was thinking three all the way. But they chose to show the tag play over and over (so much that they, as you know, missed the next pitch entirely). I appreciate seeing multiple angles on a close play, but I was curious as to how Jacoby approached the whole thing.

2. Remy loves to say stuff, then be proven wrong, but not admit it. It's hard to tell on my video, but Ellsbury was out. Yet Remy says "almost a tie" while seeing the angles that prove him wrong. Instead of saying, "nope, barely out," he just sticks with his original call. Very close play, and maybe he just didn't see it like I did, but that's not the point--he'll do this and be clearly proven wrong with visual evidence right away, but he rarely says "oh, whoops, guess not." No wonder the older generation doesn't want instant replay in baseball--they have too much pride in their original call!

This next clip shows that NESN doesn't just deceive the audience with "live" overhead shots that are clearly not live in home games. They can do it on the road, too! This one I explain in the video:

It's just funny how I wasn't even looking for it. But they were dumb enough to show a paused version of one of their shots of Cleveland by accident, busting themselves. (Watch the spire of the building before and after the commercial--you can see it still before and slightly moving after. Along with the shot zooming out and the boat inching along.


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