Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Comedy Bang Squared

Are you people into that show "Comedy Bang! Bang!"? It started out as a podcast which I terribly missed out on, and now it's a show on IFC. It was one of those shows that had me at hola, as the first commercials for it reminded me of Pee-Wee's Playhouse and showed a bunch of guest stars that were my kind of people. I liked the host, Scott Aukerman, right away, and a few shows into the season I found out that he had written for and was occasionally on Mr. Show. Which makes total sense. CBB is a half-scripted, half ad-libbed fake talk show with skits. It's off the wall, but not so far off said wall to the point where the distance from the wall is the most important thing. And since Aukerman has been in the comedy "biz" for so long, he's able to get great guests. (Check out who they've had so far.) This Friday I'm psyched for a Jere-rific lineup: Weird Al, David Cross, and Tenacious D. There's a show, that's a show. And Reggie Watts is the "band leader." I never understood this guy until now. I always knew he did quirky little songs, but I didn't find his schtick too impressive. But now I do. His sense of humor fits right into this gig.

I give CBB 76 Gedmans out of 80.


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