Monday, August 27, 2012

Afternoon Mania

Red Sox win 8-6. Reminder: Monday's game is at 1:35. Weird that the Rays and A's had a scheduled Sunday off-day today, first time it's happened in the majors in 17 years. I looked for the TB score on the scoreboard for waaaaay too long before finally checking their schedule to see the blank white square....

How I look at the Red Sox' chances to make the post-season: This month has felt like September. Meaning it's had the feel of a long, drawn-out "final" month of a season that's been over for a good while. So think of it this way. Imagine if you had a September like that, but were then given a bonus month of games to see if you can get back into it. That's what we've got. Most people probably don't want to hear this, but there actually is a long way to go. So we're not dead yet. A nice start to getting back to the pack would have been winning the two games in which we had 6-run leads this week, but still....

Well, from what I've been hearing, the only reason the Sox aren't 10 games ahead of the Yankees right now is that Beckett once played golf and had some chicken. With him gone, clearly making up nine games in four weeks should be a breeze.
I think I would have been disappointed if you weren't the last person on the internet still insisting that the Sox have a shot this year. The season was effectively over when Mauer's bomb off of Aceves landed in the Monster Seats. The weekend megatrade certainly made it clear where the front office stood; you don't trade your 2nd best hitter if you're hoping for a miracle finish.

Friday night was the best news to come out of Yawkey Way in a year. Tom C. got it exactly right in his comment in the other thread; this trade was the Sox' version of a TARP bailout, only the part of the US Government was played by Magic Johnson. It probably made them worse for next year, but it's the difference from likely spending the next 3-4 years in mediocrity, and getting started on rebuilding a winning organization. It was clear last winter just how financially hamstrung they had become when they salary dumped Scutaro. It also probably played a role in their lack of a offer to Papelbon as well, although that was also a smart baseball move. It's tough losing Gonzalez, but among other things, this trade now allows them to give Ortiz a 2-3 deal, and to re-sign Ellsbury if the terms make sense (although they probably won't).

Having rooted for this team for 37 years now (I'm an old fart), I don't mind watching a bad team if it's clear that the building blocks are coming back into place. Young, talented players will struggle for a while. But watching this year's bloated $180mm roster massively underachieve was just misery, and I'm really glad they're not gonna be stuck in that position for a while. I don't even mind that they're still stuck with Lackey.

Oh, and nice start by Dice-K today. But I really hope they don't even think about re-signing him.

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