Monday, July 09, 2012

Yankee Fan Logic

On my way to Fenway Sunday, I listened to Boston sports radio for hopefully the last time in a while. Butch Stearns was on, and a Yankee fan called up with the following BULLSHIT:

"Mickey Mantle was my idol. When he hit his 500th home run, he was already a legend by then, and the Yankees did NOTHING for him. Meanwhile, Papi hits his 400th, and they're rolling out the red carpet for the guy, all this pomp and circumstance...what the hell are they doin'?"

And Butch said nothing, except to briefly say that "yeah, they've gotta honor every little thing" before moving on.

I don't know who to be more angry at. Can you imagine, a long-time Yankee fan making fun of someone else for going over the top with celebrations and honors? I thought it was a practical joke at first. And as a bonus, the Papi "celebration" was about 3 minutes long! They ran a brief highlight reel, then had him come out to the field and get a little plaque. And Mr. Monument Park is appalled! Did he turn off the Chad Curtis Yankeeography to call in? And Butch Stearns says fucking nothing except to mildly agree with the guy!

Now let's take a closer look at the "nothing" that the Yankees did for Mickey Mantle when he hit his 500th home run:

AP, 5/17/1967: The New York Yankees announced Tuesday that a plaque commemorating Mickey Mantle's 500th home run would be placed in Yankee Stadium at the spot where the ball cleared the right-field fence.

But wait, there's more!

In a brief ceremony before the Yankees' game with Cleveland, club president Michael Burke also presented Mantle [...] with a $500 savings bond for each of his four sons.

Still not satisfied? Let's read on!

The Yankee outfielder will also be given a trophy honoring the event.

And the Yanks did "nothing" for their fans, too!

New York Times, 5/17/1967: the 500th customer to pass through each turnstile was given a baseball autographed by Mantle.

So to sum up, all of New England hears a Yankee fan complain about the current Red Sox ownership for doing something that didn't happen, but if it did it wouldn't be the way the Yankees did it, which they did, and the host lets it go. And that's exactly how WEEI likes it. "What is wrong with this team??"

What did the Sox do for Manny's 500th?
Moral of the story: MFY fans are idiots and the Boston media is toxic
Sec36: I was gonna say, I was wondering why Papi didn't get the "# of HR" sign at Fenway, like they had for Manny above the Monster. As for after Manny hit his, they had Eddie Murray present him with a plaque.
I guess it's "good" you were at the game last night. The ESPN broadcast was brutal.
Did you know DEREK JETER NEVER DOES THAT? I mean, it looked like an error, BUT IT'S DEREK JETER. Let's zoom in on the outfield flag... hmm, no wind. Oh, must be the lights, let's zoom in on the light tower... nope, no glare. But really, he NEVER misses a ball. EVER. Well he had an error last night too, but really ONLY ONE TIME OUT OF A THOUSAND DOES HE MISS A BALL LIKE THAT. (Not like there's an actual stat - conveniently measured in thousands even - that records the actual number of times out of a thousand that he makes an error...) Why let those annoying little things called facts get in the way when IT'S DEREK JETER.
Yeah from what I hear you're not alone in your disgust. I may do some future posting about it....

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