Sunday, July 22, 2012


That was pretty sweet when Gonzalez hit a mega-dong to get us right back into a game we faced an early deficit in. But the sweetness pretty much ended there. Lester dropped a mound on the mattress on the mound again, and we lose 15-7. Swept by the Jays. This headline made me feel better, but then again, it's also frustrating to know we could have gained some serious ground this weekend.

The headline is some school in Rhode Island. It didn't make me feel any better.
Link fixed, thanks.

Ha, the link I used has something to do with a post I'll probably do tomorrow, so you got a sneak peek I guess.
What's worse is that I had started writing a really long paragraph about the link (the correct one). Had I left that in, people would have been even MORE confused. Oh wait, not people. People are reading their idiotic friends' facebook posts, my mistake.

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