Friday, July 20, 2012

Walk-Off Party Night

That title has a double meaning. Prepare for it. Cody Ross with a 9th-inning 3-run dong with the Red Sox down 1-0, blue liquid piranha hysteria at Fenway.

Tonight the plan was to go to a pizza place before moving on to a punk rock show: Holy Night, Knife Party, and OFF! featuring the legendary Keith Morris. I saw the first half hour of the game, and despite recording it, I decided to go the "follow along when possible" route, thanks to the car radio and Kim's smartphone.

In the 4th, at the pizza place over by Dead Girl Park, where they were showing Family Guy on the TV before the waitress came by and shut the set off presumably because the old couple that had just come in couldn't handle the potty jokes, Kim gave me the bad news: Chicago scored. 1-0 in the 4th.

It stayed that way through dinner, and then in the car, Castiglione described the crazy inning-ending double play Middlebrooks hit into with the bases loaded in the 7th. Still 1-0 them.

After Holy Night but before Knife Party, we had the game on the NESN app, and saw it was still 1-0, but that we had 2 on and 1 out in the 9th, and Ross up. It wouldn't update. We knew they'd just changed pitchers, but it was still showing no count on the batter. I kept staring at the screen, trying to will our 0 to a 3. End it with a dong, I kept saying. But it wouldn't update. We finally couldn't take it anymore, and Kim switched it to I watched her face as she audibly gasped. "What??" "We won." Sure enough, the 1-0 became 3-1. We knew it was either Ross or the next guy who ended it with a 3-run homer, but that long delay on Cody pretty much determined it must have been him. And it was. OFF! put on a great show--they were supposed to play Philly but something happened so they played here in Providence (meaning Pawtucket) instead. With only about 2 days notice, we packed the place.

Then I got home and saw Ross's dong, complete with jersey shredding from Punto and a blue sports drink shower--rare in the baseball world. was already going to be a an OFF/Party/Night, but it turns out it was also a walk-off party night. (I'd say "party-off night" but calling a game-ending hit a party-off hit kind of goes against my teachings that the winning team isn't going off, they're going on the field.)

But wait, there's more. A reader called "Daniel in Montreal" had left me a comment and an e-mail. His comment was on my July 6th post (one of the times I mentioned how NESN's overhead "live" shots are quite obviously not live, proven in various ways including the fact that there's no blimp in the air at the time), and it read:

the commentators addressed this issue...after an arial view of Fenway , one of the commentators said Where's the blimp ? and they admitted that it's wasn't a live shot..and they laughed was a funny moment

What!? They actually admitted it?

So I headed for my recording of tonight's game, and I found the spot. Unbelievable. Don and Jerry went on and on about the "fraudulent" behavior of their bosses! Remy started joking about how odd it was that there was no blimp, but noted that it was good how they at least made it seem like night was falling, as it got darker in each shot. Then Don said how the shots look like they're from April. They were having a great time rolling in laughter about it. I love it. At the same time, I went to the Joy of Sox game thread (where I'm constantly bringing up the fake live shots), and sure enough, they were talking about it, and about me. As you know, I have a lot of these obsessions, so it's good whenever one of them is actually brought to light outside my brain, proving I'm not crazy.

Funny how Don actually said he didn't notice the fake shots until Jerry pointed it out. Not sure I buy that--but it would be really funny if every time he was saying "beautiful night in Boston," he wasn't in on the fact that those weren't actually current shots of Boston. We'll see what he does from now on when those shots are shown. The cover is blown!

And you know what else? Don didn't do his incorrect usage of "walk-off" tonight! Maybe these guys are reading a certain blog I know.... But probably not.

Great job by Clay too, though not as good as the poor White Sox starter....

And it turns out Aceves leaving 2nd and 3rd in top 9 was pretty key, eh?
Decided to add photo of OFF! I was pissed that I forgot my camera. Had to use Kim's phone cam which isn't great. However, I remember taking pics at the Met Cafe before with MY camera, and having them come out all red and with no faces. So I blame the venue. Anyway, we were center stage, but I found this sweet side stage spot for a few songs just for a different angle. Keith Morris is awesome. He talked about how his bandmates make fun of him for not writing songs about the usual crap, but he considers what he does a form of folk/protest music, and prefers to write about the effed up society we're living in. You can do that and still have fun. Dude is 57 years old and still kicking ass. Also gave Obama the advice of letting Romney dig his own grave instead of wasting time trying to dig it for him. Only it was way more eloquent than that. He also said the U.S. should just leave everybody the fuck alone. Like Matt Hooper in Jaws with territoriality, that's "just a theory....I happen to agree with."

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