Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tree Tings

1. The twitter account for this blog is @rsfpt. It is there just as a way of letting people know when a new post goes up, but of course I have been sending out repeated tweets linking back to my posts about the "Anti-'Boston Sports Media' Sign Weekend," which starts tomorrow at Fenway Park. So feel free to re-tweet my tweets or whatever, or just make your own.

2. Joy of Sox has blogged about the anti-media event (and made a nice graphic for it, to go along with my hand-drawn one).

3. Zack Hample is writing about his recent attempt to catch a baseball from a helicopter. This post is currently complete through "part one," though he says he will be updating the post so the whole story should eventually be at that link. So read it now and then keep checking back there for updates. If you're reading this in 50 years, first of all, Welcome, my Futuristic Friend, people HAVE to be wearing silver suits by now, right? And second, yeah, the entire story should be up at that link.


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