Friday, July 27, 2012

Three Dong Nights Are Supposed To Be Good

If you missed the game and saw the 10-3 final, don't think you missed frustration and thing-throwing. It was a 3-run game until 2 outs in the 8th when a grand dong gave them the 7-run win.

In the first, we scored on a Pedroia and had 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs. Salty gets a hittable pitch on 0-2 but can't connect, and we strand two.

In the bottom half, they had 1st and 3rd, when Keidis grounds into what looked like an inning-ending DP. Pedroia starts to do a backhand flip to Aviles, but he changed his mind, either because he was too far away from the bag, or because Aviles wasn't there yet since he was actually starting from the 2nd base side of the base in the shift. That was delay number one. Dustin does a regular throw, and Aviles gets it, but for some reason, either thinking he had plenty of time, or to make sure he was actually at the bag (he looked down to find it), he waits a beat before throwing to first. Delay number two. And Horsey McCunt was safe by his chinny chin horse chin. So right there I'm going crazy knowing the inning should be over. Instead it's tied and they're still up. Next batter: dongggg. God DAMN it. 3-1 them.

In the 3rd, we cut it to 3-2 on a wicked line dong by Crawford, but they get the run back on a sack lunch. 4-2 them.

In the 4th, while NESN showed Joe Gi-fuckin'-rardi talking with the game in a small box, Salty hits a dong, leading the network to scurry to cut the Joe and get back to Don who's forced to make a mid-trot call of the homer. So we're back to 4-3.

AGAIN they score RIGHT after we score, a la the '96 Yankees against everybody. Or was it the '98 Yanks? I just remember it was a team that took lots and lots of steroids. Anyway it was a Martin 2-run dong. 6-3 Yanks.

But from the 5th through the 8th, we got only two guys on base, the whole time still with a chance, down by 3. It looked like we'd have one final shot, but with two outs in the bottom of the 8th, the grand dong happened and 10-3 was your final.

TC later called the Martin 4th-inning dong a "knockout blow," because, ya know, no team has ever erased a 3-run deficit in 5 innings, especially not one with one of the highest run totals in the league. But you'd expect that from him, as he and Eck are in full gloom mode, with Eck even saying how you don't wanna get swept by the Yanks BEFORE THE SERIES STARTED. They did that before that last Yanks series too. Do you think there's any other team in the league whose TV crew talks about the possibility of getting swept before series even start? How is that said at any point before a team is actually ONE win away from getting swept?

Being way behind in the race is really shitty. But you know how I'm looking at it? It's nice to not have to hear about an inevitable collapse and how "the Yankees are getting bigger in that rearview mirror!" because if we were ahead in the race you know that's the exact shit these people say. So we'll just have to be the one to make the comeback.

Lester against the pantload tomorrow at 4-ish.


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