Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tek Honored, Jays Top Selves

The Herald summed it up perfectly:

In reality, the Jays did win, but did not also lose. I listened to the mostly action-free middle section of this game, then got updates as our 3-1 lead became a 3-3 tie and then a 6-3 deficit. Depressing. Cook was cruising and then it just turned. 7-3 loss. At the beginning of this Jays series, we'd come off two series wins, and were told that the Jays had none of their hitters left, and had just been swept by the Yanks. I thought we were looking at an easy sweep. Now we need to win Sunday to avoid getting swept.

My human mom and my deity son were at Fenway for this one, and got to see the Varitek ceremony. They found a great spot for it. Here are two pics Joey took:

Nice job!

Great pics!
Here is a lame headline: "GM wants to improve Red Sox"

He does? Yay!!

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