Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stew On Guns

I couldn't agree with Jon more here:

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I even heard a gun shop owner the other day say that the killer did nothing to raise any red flags. Because apparently having thousands of rounds of ammo sent to your house is just an everyday thing. You know, to a gun shop owner.

I have been reading about gun owners and how to them, buying thousands of rounds IS just a normal thing. Still doesn't make it sound any less scary to me. They always try to act like safety is the most important thing when it comes to their killing machines, so why not limit the amount of ammo you can buy (among lots of other things) instead of just saying, Hey, we buy bullets in bulk like we would toilet paper, it's NORMAL....
Great stuff. Jon Stewart and I were in college together. I don't remember him, but I know many of his frat brothers.
That's cool.
mom here.

The second amendment says nothing about the right to build an ammo dump.
Jere: I love Stewart but I’m sort of in the middle on this. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a discussion, but I really don’t think basing a policy on a specific incident when we're thinking more with our hearts than our heards is necessarily the best way to proceed on this topic.

As per the ammo, think of it in baseball terms. Shooting is like hitting in that you have to practice practice practice to get better. You ever read about how often Ted Williams used to practice his swing? Well, think of a person who likes to shoot the same way. And practicing that often requires you to have ammo to shoot with.

I don’t own a gun and don’t particularly care for them, but I do know people that do both to understand that for many of them it’s nothing more than wanting to improve their abilities at using their weapons, which you can’t do without firing them.

The problem with limiting the amount of ammo is that you’re assuming a person who would walk into a theatre full of strangers and open fire isn’t going to try to acquire the extra rounds through illegal means. Or that they won’t just try a different method of attack.

I think a much better way to potentially prevent incidents of this nature can be viewed here:

The problem is, we aren't talking about one incident - essentially, 10,000 of our fellow citizens are murdered every year by firearm. Distressing as Friday's incident was, it is simply a tiny part of the daily carnage that is inflicted by people wielding firearms.

I want us to have a sensible discussion as well, I know there has to be a balance between the rights of all citizens, but I just don't see the balance in our current position, and I can't stomach the fact that our politicians are too scared to even have the debate, for fear of what it might to do in terms of election / re-election.

You are absolutely right that a proactive murderer will find a way around the law, and just because we have laws doesn't mean they will be followed. But can't we at least have a debate about whether certain restrictions could be put in place to establish a genuine balance?

Neil H

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