Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sox Win Yankee-Style

[Added to post: video of Remy and Don answering fan questions, hilarity ensues.]

A very, very slow bouncer past the pitcher to the second baseman scores two runs after the go-ahead run is walked in, and rain ends the game in the 6th when the other team has the tying runs on base. Red Sox beat Verlander, 4-1.

Beckett was pitching well until Ciriaco took too much time on a routine grounder that should have had him out of the third. He then hit a guy and walked two before coming out with a back spasm. Fortunately Mortensen got the last out keeping the score at 1-0. This was after we left 4 runners on over the first two against Verlander. So each team had a chance to put it away early but it stayed close. In the 4th, Ciriaco tied it on a single before the bases-loaded walk and Crawford's weird bouncer that nobody could pick up. And any chance the Tigers had to come back was washed away....

The Yanks took a 5-0 lead in the first against Baltimore. So it looked like there'd be at least a delay in their slumping ways...until the Orioles scored the next ELEVEN runs! Yanks get their asses kicked 11-5. So now Balty is 5.5 out of first and we're 7.5. The Yanks' world is crumbling around them!

I was gonna do a whole bit about how if WE were in first and had been recently up 11.5 over the Yanks, only to lose 2 of 3 to them at home and then lose our next two including blowing a 5-0 lead, there'd be so much "mirror," "ledge," and "panic" talk, people would just flat out give up. And I was gonna make fun of NESN for not talking like that about the Yanks. But to his credit, TC actually acknowledged the Yanks' slump, and talked about how the division is no longer a runaway.

We go for the sweep tomorrow night.

During the rain delay, I got to see AJ Burnett throwing a no-hitter in the 8th. He lost it with 2 outs. How sweet would that have been, for Yankee fans to have to see a no-no from AJ? They still have to be pretty pissed about his non-shittiness. Oh well, they're still pissed over tonight's debacle AND our rain-shortened win--their trademark.

Funny moment in the game tonight. Ellsbury was on second, and as Verlander threw the pitch, you heard the crowd starting to ooh and ahh, followed by a full-on cheer. I thought, "Ellsbury just stole third, didn't he?" Then they cut to a shot of him ON third, and only then does Don mention it. Crowd reaction beat the producers and the announcers. Classic NESN.

Remember when I mentioned Papi's son had a locker next to his? Well they just showed Josh Beckett in front of his locker, and next to his was the locker of: "Ryann Rose Beckett."

Oh and Remy and Don got to do another "Ask Jerry" extended segment during the delay. Funny stuff. I may put that on YouTube and add it to this post. [Update: Scroll back up, it's right there.]


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