Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sox, Cano Lose

We all know Robinson Cano is a nonchalant douche. Today he took it to the next level. He swung and hit a hard grounder to the right side. He immediately noticed it was right at the second baseman. So he stood there. It's one thing to hit a lazy fly ball and just drop your head and start trotting (which he also did today). It's another to just stand there first, drop your head, and then reluctantly start trotting to first. Ciriaco got the ball and took his sweet time, as Cano never even entered the picture. You can get benched for that shit. Fucking Jeter told McDonald he had to cut his hair*. Maybe he should tell Cano he has to run when he hits the fucking ball. But we all know the Yanks aren't about class--just the appearance of class. And they fail at that miserably too.

*We knew going in he'd have to follow the robotic rules, but he could have kept the dreads and just left them short. But Jeter, as the story goes, told him he had to cut them completely. (That wasn't the moment I lost all respect for Darnell. It was when he said "Mr. Cashman.") Maybe with that clean-cut look, he too can cheat on his taxes, womanize, pretend he got hit by a pitch when he didn't, sell calls to the ump when he knows the guy was safe, and come up with new ways to get a cheap-ass hit every goddamn time he comes to the plate.

On to the game. We gave up a big number in the 1st AGAIN. But it didn't really matter because we couldn't do anything against Freddy Garcia, especially with our less-than-major league lineup thanks to a shitload of injuries. We lose 6-1.

And I was just thinking how it really stinks that the team goes and loses 5 in a row leading up to my big anti-media campaign, and how the focus is just on the team playing poorly. But then I hear Tom Caron after the game use the term "full-out panic in the streets of Boston" and I remember why we're doing this. You know how many teams would love to be 4 games out of a playoff spot in July? Imagine what the media would do if the Red Sox ever really did have a bad team?

My mom was there last night with her anti-meida sign and says she got lots of positive remarks. And that a photog ran up from the warning track and took a picture of it. She also held it up behind Rice and P. Abe in pre-game on Yawkey Way, and Rice grinned ear-to-ear as she gave him the thumbs up, while Abe glared.

So bring your signs tonight and tomorrow night! Thanks to Toeing the Rubber, FenwayFanatics, and Universal Hub for linking to my post, too!

Other stuff:

Zack Hample has updated his catching-balls-dropped-from-a-helicopter post since I last told you about it. You'll notice that the Spinners' dugout is rife with old Red Sox logos. But how can I expect the affiliates to know about the change if the parent club can't even figure it out?

I also noticed today that the band that plays on Yawkey Way has the old logo on its bass drum head. I guarantee any and all Marlins bands use their new logo.

And the Herald still goes with the old as we know, but now I've noticed they don't only do it in their Red Sox coverage logo, but in every single box score, too.

Note on the Cano thing. On the still shot I used--as you can see, the pitcher is starting to run. The ball is in play. It's not like it's down the line and could be foul, it's not like it's a liner that could be caught, it's a grounder to the second baseman. And look at Cano, acting like the play's already over. How do you not bench a guy for that?
Was in the car for a 5-minute trip. Heard one caller. Said Valentine should be fired, because he didn't argue that call at first when Papi was doubled off. Said he was 14 rows back, saw the replay at the park, and that all the fans knew he was safe. ONE PROBLEM! If you watch the replay, you see he was out. Teixeira jumped AFTER he caught the ball. So a person focusing on Papi then looking at Teix way up in the air would think it was a blown call--but trust me, watch it again. When he catches it, his foot's still on the base.

Of course the dipshit host was completely clueless.
Mom here.
The fans reaction to my sign Friday night was far beyond "positive". One woman hugged me. They just kept nodding at the sign and offered many expressions of agreement. But to make eye contact with Jimmy Rice after he read it and watch that wide gorgeous grin of his spread across his face was unbelievable. (I was facing the foursome, by the way--T.C., Gammons, Jimmy and Abe.) And to have Abe glare at me and keep mouthing, "No, no, no," was very cool.
So with the list of the disabled: three starting pitchers, the closer, left and center fielders, second baseman, backup outfield, two setup guys AND NOW PEDROIA, I'm just going to get through this Yankees series and the all-star break, and then hopefully root for our first string for the rest of the season.
Meanwhile, I am going to pray to all gods available that Darnell McDonaldtells the Yankees that he's not a second grader in a Catholic school and will keep the dreads. This Steinbrenner leftover directive--No Long Hair/No Facial Hair that has just one meaning--"I don't want my players looking like faggots"--can only be stopped by someone with character and morals. Let it be you, Darnell. Be the John Roberts of baseball.
I was saying Darnell ALREADY cut the dreads. They're gone.
Ciriaco should have jogged over to first to make the play unassisted on Cano. Not that a rookie would do that but it would have shown a very bright light on Cano's laziness.

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