Thursday, July 19, 2012

Majerle And Me

From yesterday's lightning storm:

It's actually a still frame from a video I shot. At the moment the lightning strikes, the whole sky goes white, then you see what's above. It's weird because that black bar across the bottom is the top of the window screen, on the outside of the glass. So unless the bolt was actually inside my house, this must just be a reflection of it on the glass or off of my lens and onto the glass. So you don't see the true blinding brightness of it, but you do see how big and long that crazy double-bolt was. Maybe a photography expert can tell me why the bolt appears in front of that metal thing.

In other news, maybe the Rays, in retrospect, should have opted to bat in the bottom of the ninth last night! (Courtesy, later fixed.)

Tonight at 7:10 it's Buchholz vs. Quintana. Jose is not the son of Carlos, as far as I know. He shit the bed in KC and NY around a nice performance against Texas in his last three starts. Before that he'd been pretty freakin' stellar. Let's hope we get the Nay Jose and the Yay Clay tonight.


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