Monday, July 23, 2012

Ichi Butt

Fucking Ichiro is on the Yankees now? So much for rooting for him to break Rose's hit record (Japan + U.S. hits). Now I just hope he fizzles out and is forgotten by everybody.

Looks like he was already doing the fizzle part.
Yeah he's been shitty.
Of course, now that he's a Yankee he'll probably put up an .800 OPS with about a dozen homers as part of the 'horseshoe up their asses' effect they always get from guys who looked completely washed up before showing up in the Bronx...Colon, Andruw Jones, etc...

In other news, the Sox blow goats. Given the tough road trip this week as well as the fact that Lester and Beckett starts have now become automatic losses, I can easily see an 8-9 game losing streak to end the month. I guess the silver lining is that they'll be less likely to blow the farm system on the likes of Garza at the deadline.

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