Sunday, July 08, 2012

Gratuity Included

Check out my new video series, "The Producers,"* done entirely in response to the gratuitous Jeter shots (not just on the Yanks' network, but on national ones and NESN too) we've all come to love.

Here's one from last night on Fox, using the patented "we must see what Jeter's doing when someone else hits a home run" device:

And here's one from Friday on NESN--it's the classic "here's a recap of the inning that Jeter wasn't involved in, so here he is anyway, doing nothing in the dugout" device:

One last game in the big anti-media weekend, tonight at 8 on ESPN. Have your signs and t-shirts ready.

*maybe it should be "the directors"? Oh well, too late.


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