Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Good Game To Ignore In Favor Of ABSMS Weekend

Everybody in the division lost tonight, except for Tampa, who beat the Yanks and join us in 3rd place. Too bad our O was shut down tonight, as a win would have put us in second place all alone. Jarrod Parker held us to just one run for the second time in 2012, he's having a nice year. Dice had nothing, giving up two early dongs to ex-Sox, Reddick and Moss. And as Warner Wolf would say, you could turn your sets off there, folks. Not that I would ever actually do that. 6-1 loss.

Keep telling your real-life and e-friends and your favorite Wacky Sports Gossip sites about anti-media weekend at Fenway. In fact, if any of you are on Sons of Sam Horn, please let those people know. Thanks. And yes, I'll be mentioning this in every post until the weekend. If any of you has a million Twitter followers (unlike me with my 14), please Tweet this. I'm doing all I can but I'm gonna need your help because nobody reads blogs anymore, thanks to everyone now being able to see what their stupid friends had for breakfast and tracking their every movement, which used to be called "stalking." Where was I? Ah yes, spread the word, please. Bring your anti-Boston Sports Media signs to Fenway Park this weekend!


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