Thursday, July 05, 2012

Going Viral One Hit At A Time

So here are some of the blog entries that mention the Anti-BostonSportsMedia Sign Weekend, coming Friday to Fenway Park:

Boston Sports Media Watch

The Mighty Quinn Media Machine

Section 36.

Millers Time

Thanks to those bloggers and anyone else who has helped spread the word. Keep it going.

Another sign tip: Hold up your sign at batting practice. Get right to the front row by the dugout. A lot of the media hang around the dugouts in pre-game, and it's always a big crowd for a Sox-Yanks series. What I'm hoping for (aside from the Boston sports media culprits seeing the signs up close) is that one of the national photographers, or hell, even a local one, puts a picture of one of our signs online. It's the local media we're railing against here, so I'd be happy to see a national outlet help our cause. Or one of the good local ones who is on our side.

Oh, and in the sign suggestions, how could I forget the Boston media's all-time favorite bullshit buzzword? Panic! You could go with "I've never met a Red Sox fan who ACTUALLY PANICKED" or something. Or, "My Team Hasn't Had a Losing Record in 15 Years. Panic is not in my Vocabulary." Okay, those are really wordy. Do some editing. (Ooh, after the sweep in Oakland, maybe some media are whipping out their old standby now! Because of course it's impossible to make up 2 and a half games with only 81 to play! The perfect weekend for some anti-panic signage....)

Speaking of media buzz phrases, with another Sox-Yanks series coming up, how many more minutes until the first of the "the rivalry is dead" articles comes out? To whoever is gonna do it, please, this time can you start your article with "You've heard this a million times, but..."? Thanks. You sound like an ass when you act like you have an original idea, but it's really something that pops out of the mold every season.

I hope this is a HUUUGE success
Thanks! Me too.

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