Sunday, July 01, 2012

Extra Innings W

For the first time in 6 tries, the Red Sox won an extra-innings game in 2012. We were down 1-0 late, but Pedroia's solo dong tied it in the 8th. Kalish, pinch-hitting, started the 10th with a double. Pedroia singled him to third and Papi hit a deep fly to score what would be the winning run. Aceves breezed through the bottom of the 10th. 2-1 victory.

Yanks won, so we stay 6.5 back, but we're now alone in 3rd, and the O's are just a half-game ahead of us.

A few things from today's broadcast:

NESN's latest thing that ticks me off is not cutting to the field camera quick enough after a batter puts a ball in play. I understand that if it's a solid line drive right at an infielder, by the time you cut to the other camera, the ball could already be in the guy's glove. But they're so slow to cut that we're missing things. Today, Papi hit a liner, and we saw him start to run, then stop, before they cut to the other cam. So by then, we already knew it had to be caught. On Pedroia's key single in the 10th, by the time they cut to the field view, we'd already seen Pedroia take five running steps, and the ball was already rolled well into the outfield. He's running and I'm just sitting there waiting to see where the ball is so I'll know if the potential winning run has a chance of scoring. Oddly, you could see that for a split-second they actually cut to the close-up of Kalish running from second to third before showing us where the ball was. I had been thinking, "it's not like you have to decide which camera to cut to--you just have to make the call to cut as soon as the batter hits the ball," but apparently they don't even have that down. Guy hits ball, and director goes "What should I do? What should I do?!"

Jerry Remy made a bizarre call. Mariners guy swings and the ball goes foul, but he starts shaking his hand, like the ball caught flesh along with or instead of wood. Remy claims that if the ball had hit his hand, "he'd be going down to first base." No! The guy swung! Now you may be saying, Yeah but on a check swing where a guy gets hit, sometimes it looks like the bat went around but he really stopped the swing when..." No! He swung, all the way around. Yet Remy, who played the game, thought it would be a HBP.

Don and Jerry completely missed a play where Shoppach threw to second, but Doubront wasn't looking, and almost cut his head knocked off. Two camera angles showed it, but they did not mention it. I uploaded one view here. I wonder if the Seattle guys or the radio teams noticed this....

And finally, Jenny Dell was attacked by a Yeti in the Pacific Northwest today:


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