Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caron: The Red Sox Would Be 6-6.5 Back Under Last Year's Rules

Maybe he really is a moron! And Cafardo agrees with his completely false statement, but we already knew he was a moron. Here's the video, with annotations. If you can't see video, I'll explain below.

The quotes:

Cafardo: "What would the Red Sox have done [under last year's rules with only one wild card]?"

Caron: "It would be totally differnt. 'Cause you would be....6, 6 and a half games out, and that many teams in front of you, I think they would have taken it apart."

Where is this "math" coming from?
The Red Sox are 4 games out. Under last year's rules, they'd be exactly 4.5 games out, not 6.5. He seems to be "estimating" where they'd be without this godsend second wild card, instead of just looking at the standings! I don't even think he understands how this works! I thought to myself, "what else could he possibly mean?" and I came up with two options: 1. That the Red Sox' current record would be 6-6.5 games worse than last year's wild card leader on July 31st. Nope, they'd be 10.5 back. 2. That the Red Sox' current record would be 6-6.5 games worse than the team in second in last year's wild card standings on July 31st. Nope, they'd be 4 back. So in Tom's mind, the second wild card right now is sitting 2 to 2.5 games (best guess) behind the first. Even though the standings show they're only .5 games behind--you don't need to guess.

A few seconds earlier, TC said this:

"At this point last year, at least half of those [.500] teams would have been selling off and looking at next year."

Again, as I say every day around here: All the teams that are hovering around .500 in the A.L. (and all the teams that aren't, too) are exactly one-half game further out of a playoff spot as they would have been under last year's rules. In the N.L., they'd all be in the same spot as last year, as the two wild card leaders have identical records.

Based on the way TC said this stuff (with Cafardo going right along with him), I'm back to thinking these people are just stupid. I don't think MLB is telling them to say that their new creation is making everything so much better for so many teams--but I'm sure they won't stop them from saying it!

Anyway, the Red Sox got old friend and Connecticut native Craig Breslow back, in exchange for Albers and S-Pod. And we also got Steven Wright! For Lars Anderson.

And don't you hate how even though the Beckett trade rumors were proven to be false, it still "counts" as a "story"? Even the top story on redsox.com about tonight's game is: "Head out to Fenway Park as Josh Beckett, who has been the subject of trade rumors, is slated to face the Tigers...." And shouldn't the person who started the rumor be fired? Oh wait, what paper/web site is gonna fire an employee who they told to plant a fake story? My bad.

Can you tweet TC and ask him about the fuzzy math?
Ha I thought of that....actually I thought of AskJerry-ing....
Let's hope Wake works with Wright. At age 27, the knuckleballer probably has another 20 years in him.

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