Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bad Trip Over

Papi hit his 400th home run today. But we lost again to the A's, swept. Every motherfucking run in that series was either scored or knocked in by one of the ex-Sox, Coco, Reddick, and Moss. (Except for the 6th run in the 6-1 loss Monday--but Moss had a hit to move the run to third and it scored on a sac fly.) Those guys need to know that nobody hates them, they weren't wronged--no need to try extra hard against us, boys! We're in an important pennant race back east while you're out California-ing it up!

Now we go home for Anti-BostonSportsMedia Sign Weekend vs. the Yanks, who won today thanks in part to the Rays letting them score in the 8th on that classic baseball rally, "four walks."

I'm pretty pissed and not in the mood to talk about something stupid like this, but I still have to do it while it's relevant: You all know, right? The ads with that annoying woman on a white background, who was later replaced by a different one. Then they changed to Which didn't really work, so they changed it back. However, they'd already slapped "" onto the Oakland Coliseum, so that's still what they call it: Coliseum. Pretty simple. Yet Don Orsillo and Tom Caron cannot figure out how to say "" It's the simplest url in history! O dot co. What's the problem? First game on f the series, Don calls it "Oco dot com Coliseum." He later talks about it with Remy (admitting he has trouble with these three simple sounds--at least he was honest) and says "you know what is?" Remy had no clue either. So not only can they not say it, but they've never heard of it. These guys live where I live, they must have seen these commercials. Then introducing game two, TC calls it "oh dot cee oh." And every time after that, whenever he or Don said it, it was with obvious trepidation, like it's some kind of tongue twister. So we've got a well-known company, with the simplest name imaginable, whose name is also on an MLB park, yet these baseball announcers are unfamiliar with it and unaware of how one properly says "o" followed by a dot followed by the sound "co," to the point where they're actually scared to say it out loud. That one was a real mystery to me....

On Tuesday night, Don also called it Oakland-Alameda Coliseum.

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