Monday, July 30, 2012

Andrew Miller Responds To Orel's Vomit


[...]that's what good teammates do. They're trying to keep it light and loose. It's out of my control from that point on. To me, that's kind of odd, something that (Hersheiser) would point out right there. To me, that's kind of the opposite of what you want. I appreciate guys being there for me.

--Andrew Miller, my new...yes...I'm gonna say new favorite Red Sock! (I always kinda liked his Leskanicky ways anyway....)

(And yes, Projo spelled Hershiser wrong but that dick deserves it.)

(Here's my original rant about Orel's nonsense in case you missed it or are reading 50 years from now. Or two weeks from now, which is the new "50 years" in today's 24-hr news cycle society.)


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