Monday, July 23, 2012

4th Loss In A Row

A Salty Dong gave us an early 1-0 lead. But a weird Pedroia error was part of a Texas 4-run third. In the 6th, Napoli (who I really believe at this point has to be the all-time #1 Red Sox killer) put it away with a 2-run dong, before more sloppiness on our part gave them 3 more runs in the inning. 9-1 Rangers is your final.

I'll repost something I wrote here in April about Nap-ster and his legal dongloads:

Mike Napoli must be some kind of dong robot. This guy has more home runs at Fenway Park than any other (aside from the two parks that have been his home park where he plays half his games). And that includes the parks of his division rivals, where he plays 9 or 10 times a year, as opposed to 3 or 6 times a year in Boston. He has 6 homers in Oakland, where he has about 2.5 times more at bats than at Fenway, where he now has 8 homers. Overall against the Red Sox, he's got 15 homers in his last 27 games, going back to 2008. By comparison, A-Rod has 15 his last 62 games against the Red Sox.

Napoli in games against the Red Sox:

2008: 1 game, 1 HR
2009: 6 games, 3 HR
2010: 9 games, 3 HR
2011: 9 games, 5 HR
2012: 2 games, 3 HR

So if you're thinking this guy homers in "every game against us," you're actually about half right.

At this point all I can hope for with the guy is that he passes another runner or misses a base during his trot.


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