Monday, July 30, 2012

3 In A Row

The woman who wears Fenway Park on her head as a hat had a great view from behind home plate as the Sox beat Detroit 7-3.

NESN showed who they were rooting for right away, giving the Tigers a run after the first pitch of the game on their score box. Austin Jackson made it 2-0 (really 1-0) by donging to lead off the game. Thanks to "tim" of the Joy of Sox thread for catching this as I was still in the car on the way back from TJs at that point. (Not Terrible Job's.) Fortunately I got home to see the Sox quickly retake the lead in the bottom of the first.

The Tigers tied it at 2 in the 3rd and it stayed that way until the 6th, when Pedroia sent a 2-run shot to the Earth's moon, Moon. Later in the inning, we almost reached on a strike out where the ball got away from the catcher, but Sweeney was barely out. To start the next inning, Detroit lived the dream we couldn't, reaching first on a K as Shoppach's throw hit the runner. That guy came around to score, and the Tigers had the tying run at second with one out. But Buchholz got out of it. That was the only iffy moment after the Pedroia dong.

Shoppach's triple(!) led to a 2-run lead again, and then Middlebrooks slammed a 2-run hump into the light tower in the 8th, and you could turn your sets off there, folks.

Buchholz went 8 giving up 2. Every Red Sox batter got a hit except for Sweeney, who got robbed by Infante. (And promptly pulled a "one of those a-holes who punches the wall and hurts his hand who you're glad isn't on your team"--we'll see what the X-rays say....)

Bonus: Switched to the Yanks on MLBN and saw one pitch--the last one! Martin was up with a chance to win it for NY, and Michael Kay was making big plans...only to have them rained upon. Yanks lose. They're starting to come back to the pack! How long until NESN says the "objects in mirror" line? Oh right, they only use that when we're leading.

Oh and more lies straight from MLB. They have to know. I'm convinced now. Employees have been ordered to say so many teams are alive because of the second wild card, even though all teams in BOTH leagues would be only a half-game further out of the playoffs under last year's system, as of right now.

And one last thing. Don and Jerry were talking about food, and right at that moment, a woman in the crowd holding two food containers gets a foul ball! She went for it with one hand and while cradling the containers (which fortunately had lids) and kind of brought it into her body using the food to help secure it. It was a nice food-related play--and Don and Jerry didn't even notice! So I'll give the woman her due here:

TC in a report they're showing now, says how the second wild card "adds another dimension to the Red Sox thought process. With 2 months left in the season, despite all their struggles, a playoff spot is very much within reach." (Again, without the second wild card, a playoff spot would be....VERY MUCH WITHIN REACH ALSO.)
TC: "A week ago everybody thought they were gonna trade everybody, blow everything up." Boy do we need another anti-media weekend. BLOW UP THE MEDIA.

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