Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Your Feedbag Is Always Wellhung

I've been using Twitter--but only as a way to alert people when I do a new post on this blog. I have no intention of using it for anything beyond that. But I wanted to know if this helps any of you. If it does, I'll keep using it (when I remember). Maybe that way is easier than the "blogs I follow" feature or dem ol' fashin feeds or whatever.

So you can answer in comments, or just by following me there. My thingy is @rsfpt. The name I first used when I set it up was John Ritchie, so don't be confused by that....

Thanks. And to be clear, if you are not a Twitter person, you won't be missing anything. I'm never going to put anything there that's not already here, save for a slightly witty notation that a new post has gone up. In fact, for contests, I don't even tweet right away--that way there's no chance some random person sees it on Twitter and beats one of my regular readers to the punch.


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