Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"You Had One Job"

The Boston Red Sox should know something: If I had been in charge of gathering up photos to use in the Fenway Park 100th anniversary campaign, every photo would have been A. taken at Fenway Park and B. of a Red Sox player.

You already know about the possible Yankees player and non-Fenway shots I've discovered in the background collage. But yesterday I went to the Red Sox Twitter page, and saw a different collage, made up of some of the same shots from the website background, and some different ones, all part of the giant cache of photos the team has wheeled out for this year-long celebration.

And guess what--the picture at the top left, the one with the 100 Years logo right on top of it, is of Cy a Cleveland uniform! In New York!

See Cy up there? Top left. The picture is from the Conlon Collection. It can be seen here. Still can't tell it's a Cleveland Indians (then Naps) uniform? A much clearer, gigantic version of the pic can be found at a closed Mears auction page here. On that page, click the pic and watch it explode. I've grabbed the key part for you here:

Compared to the pic on the Twitter page background, it almost looks like ol' Cy has a different facial expression, but if you look closely you'll see all the shadows, people, poles, etc. prove it's the exact same shot.

The Mears page says this photo is from Cy's final year in the bigs. Which would be 1911. This in not Fenway Park, which wasn't even built yet. It also could be from 1910 based on the uniform, but it's definitely one of those two years. I looked at all the A.L. parks, and Hilltop Park in Manhattan matches up best. This shot of Doc White is taken at almost the same spot, and if you compare the positioning of the poles and all the nooks/crannies of that grandstand, you can see it's the same place. In the Cy Young shot, I can't explain the structure to the right of the grandstand, though it could be something visible between the infield and outfield stands. But the point is, despite that Cy Young was a Red Sox pitcher for many years, this photo of him is neither a Red Sox photo nor a Fenway Park photo.

As for the rest of the Twitter background, it's another opportunity for me to play this "figure out the pic" game, but it would take even longer than the other one. I do see right away, though, that there's a triumvirate of non-Fenway shots right in the middle. You've got Boggs on the road (the same pic appears in the other collage) which I'm thinking might be Arlington Stadium now; Ellsbury in the current road uni next to him (new Yankee Stadium maybe?); and another Ellsbury above that, making a catch against a clearly non-Fenway fence (I believe it is a different angle of this catch he made in Japan in 2008).

Don't get me wrong, I love looking at all the old photos they've broken out, and obviously I have way too much fun figuring them out--but a Fenway collage should be Fenway photos. With Red Sox in them!

I will now send a Tweet to the Red Sox Twitter telling them about this. We'll see if they respond....

[Collage photo by the Boston Red Sox. Cy Young photo by Charles Conlon/Conlon Collection c. 1911, also listed as being a Wikipedia Commons media file.]


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