Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Of Fun. Fingers Crossed.

Good to hear Tom Werner defending the team tonight on the pre-game, with TC bringing up "all the talk" about the clubhouse (gee, I wonder where that comes from.....). Shame it has to come to that, but again, I'm happy to finally see the anti-media backlash taking shape. We can't let the momentum die! Keep it going...

Sox v. Braves, 7:10, or as soon as the tarp comes off....

Note to the Mets: Once again, you're given a chance against the Yanks. You're hot, they're cool. Can you please come through this time, instead of making it a brick wall for yourselves and a springboard to glory for them? Please? I'll give ya five bucks. Why do I get the feeling that we'll see RA Dickey walking off the mound before even getting an out Sunday night? I just can never trust that team when they see the Yankee uniform in front of them. And even when they do show up, the Yanks always get a ball hitting off the top of a Met's head and going for a home run or some shit. This time, I hope to see the opposite of the usual. But I'm not expecting it. As Principal Skinner said, "prove me wrong, children. Prove me wrong!"

Jesus, now TC is talking about the offseason "feeling" of the Red Sox being "unlikeable" again. These fuckers. Yeah, YOU make people "unlikeable" when you tell the public lies about them. That's the worst part of all of this. How they make something up, then talk about how "everybody's talking about x." Just like when they tell us we're all "panicked." They want the world a certain way, so they write about it as if it IS that way, then report on things based on the world they created. It's such bullshit. I beg you, every time you go to Fenway, bring a sign, or write something on your shirt, let 'em know their reign of terror is over!

(You know what, maybe I should be glad TC was trying to disprove the "unlikeable" buzzword--but to me it just brings legitimacy to something that was never true. I tried to ignore this stuff for so long, but eventually you have to do something about it. Whereas I feel like TC just likes to stir the pot the same way these other guys do.)

It's just getting so old... Red Sox have won 5 straight, yet I hear "toxic" and "unlikeable" in pre-game. And by the way, I turned on sports radio today, tried both Boston stations. One had basketball talk, one had hockey talk. Fucking dipshits.

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