Friday, June 22, 2012

We Lose, Mets Help

The good news is the Mets proved me wrong, at least for one night. But it wasn't easy. After taking a 5-0 first inning lead, they fell asleep. By the ninth, they were holding a 6-4 lead, with the guy who called the Yankees a bunch of chickens coming on for the save. The first guy hit a deep fly out, the next walked, and the next singled. But he got the last two. Mets WIN.

The Red Sox were facing Jair Jrjrjjrjjjjjns, who stunk earlier this year big-time, then went to the minors. He came back up and shut us down. We didn't get a guy to second base till the 8th, and lost 4-1. Lester threw more innings and gave up fewer runs than Dice last night, but it was a completely different game, with us being behind most of the night. We were out-hit 13-3.

We remain 5.5 out of first, but we're back in a last-place tie with Toronto.


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