Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Did boston.com release a pdf from the Red Sox that wasn't meant to go public?

Before the season, I saw this "schedule of events" and noticed two things...which never seemed to have happened.

The first one was the Lib Dooley Fan Award, which I blogged about here. It was supposed to be awarded June 19th. From what I can tell, this never happened. Nothing on the team site or on NESN, and nothing in the news about it. And people I know who went to the game that night say they don't remember any such presentation. (This may have been replaced by the honoring of 100-year-old fans, which we've seen throughout this season.)

The other thing was this, in the Launch of “Fenway Park – A Living Museum" section:

The ballpark tours will be revamped to provide a more rich and
rewarding experience for every fan who visits.

Tours will be more interactive and historical enabling fans to
enjoy a more complete Fenway Park experience.

I'd told my friend Richard about the "revamped" tours, and we took one, only to find it wasn't revamped at all, and it completely ignored the "living museum" aspect. We know the plaques and the memorabilia have gone up, but the tour improvements obviously didn't happen. I was so confused, until I realized that the info I'd gotten came from the same pdf that talked about the mythical Dooley Award, and existed nowhere else.

So now I'm starting to think boston.com released a rough draft or something. The Fenway 100 site has a "schedule of events," (which I've been checking every single day for months waiting to see if they'll add the previously promised additional throwback dates) and it leaves out both the tour talk and the Dooley Award--another sign they may not ever have been official.

Here's the pdf in question. It opens in Google Docs. If you can't view it, just search Lib Dooley Fan Award, you'll see it.

I should also note that the press release/articles from the team that came out at the same ALSO didn't mention these two things, but did mention everything else--the "Acts of Kindness," the Ope House, etc... though it DID say there would be 4 throwback days, and I'm wondering if they didn't give up after two. But since those were OFFICIALLY announced, I'm still holding out hope for the last two.
it will be given out before the game on saturday september 22, 2012.

How did you find out?

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