Thursday, June 21, 2012


Papi: FUCK THE MEDIA. His actual quote was "leave us alone." The fucking douche with the microphone got all pissy and asked him why he isn't having fun. Well, duh, asshole, because of you fucking media idiots! And the fuckwad had the nerve to ask if it was the fans or the media. Papi answered by saying "who came out with the [the latest BULLSHIT report], fans or media?" and the guy goes "media," and Papi says "there ya go."

Thank you Papi! The REAL fans hate the asshole media too! WEEI is telling people that Red Sox fans HATE the Red Sox! Every fucking day! Hopefully this is the beginning of the true backlash I've been hoping for. We have to let these media fuckfaces that we don't like them and we need to let the rest of the country know that they and their brainwashed fake callers don't represent the best fans in baseball!

We've won 6 of 7. I purposely put on the beginning of the Big Show. They gave the cursory nod to the team--by talking about how the competition is bad and how the clubhouse is indeed toxic and how the public doesn't have high hopes for the team--before turning to Celtics talk. And Michael Holley, formerly the only good guy at that fucking station, is just as accountable for going along with that station's agenda. Fuck all those guys.

Did you hear Don and Remy discussing it during tonight's game? They were acting like it was a complete mystery why anyone would be upset in any way about anything regarding the media. I'm even getting a little tired of them playing dumb about this— it's unfair to pretend that his complaints are incomprehensible. I know very little about the situation, but my reflex is to say that based on Papi's career and personality (as an extremely kind and gentle kind of guy), that any time *he* is angry about something he's almost certainly right.

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