Monday, June 11, 2012

Stupid National League

Shittiness. One thing about tonight's broadcast:

Man on first. Double to right. Adrian goes to play it off the wall. It's gonna be second and third. Until! He bobbles it. Every Red Sox fan gasps. Runner now sent home, scores.

Don and Remy don't notice. I can understand if they happened to look at the runners at that moment and missed the bobble. But surely they wondered why the runner had enough time to come around from first, right? So they go to replay, at which point I say to Kim "they totally missed the bobble--watch as they notice it on replay." So Remy starts talking us through the replay, the bobble happens, Remy mentions it casually...and then tells us it didn't matter, that the guy was gonna score anyway.

I just about lost it at that point. I'm yelling at the screen. This is an error. We all knew it as soon as we saw it. There's no question. And these guys completely missed it and even with a replay aren't figuring it out.

Okay, one more thing. Later there was a close play at first to end an inning. Don told us that Pedroia was arguing. But the camera showed an extended shot of Ramirez going to the dugout. They did replay it before going to break--but their score box was covering first base. When they came back from break, they failed to revisit the entire thing. No shot of the argument, no replay, no more talk of either.

The answer to "who's in charge over there?" is "the people who have been all along."

But I'm way more frustrated with the losing streak and the gimmick of Interleague Play interfering with yet another baseball season.


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