Saturday, June 02, 2012

Standing Heading Into Sunday

Caught the end of the Yanks game on Focks. The Tigers went up 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th on a Miggy dong. Valverde came in for the save--but he was a different man than the one we saw earlier in the week. He hit a guy with the first pitch he threw. After a walk and another HBP, he walked in the tying run to cap off the Typical Yankee Rally. Fortunately, despite the catcher missing an easy foul pop with two out, he finally got out of it.

But that made it so if the Yanks were gonna lose, it would be in dramatic fashion. And the only thing better than a Yankee loss is one where they almost win but still lose. Detroit was able to push a run across on a sac fly by that same catcher who made the error (his second of the game). YANKS LOSE.

So now we've got Balty and Tampa tied for first. The Yanks are 1.5 back. The Red Sox are 2 back. Toronto. Coming up after the current series end tomorrow, we'll be playing the O's at home, while the Yanks and Rays meet in New York.


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