Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sox Win Third Straight

We've also won 5 of 6. (Ask any EEI casual-fan brainwashed listener and they'd tell you we've surely LOST 5 of 6.) We're back above .500, and we're rollin'. We're gonna get real hot now! DO IT! No more effing around.

Tonight it was a 7-5 win over Miami. Papi hit a dong that went 380 feet in about [insert comically low number here] seconds. Cody also hit a dong in his return from the DL. Clay gave up a bunch of runs (ALL with 2 outs) but got the win. Kalish made two fielding goofs on deep flies, but ended up making up for them with two nice catches on two more deep ones late in the game. [Edit: he also made a really nice sliding catch in the first inning.]

Every time Boone Logan pitches against us, I make "Logan's Run" references that no one gets. But, of course, the dream would be that a guy named Logan wears #5, since "Logan-5" is the main character. Since I don't follow the NL, I didn't notice till tonight that the Marlins' Logan Morrison does wear #5! Awesome. (I guess I missed this last week when we played them.) I like to think he did that on purpose, but that movie was way before his time, so maybe not. Also, the guy can hit. Anyway, watch that movie--it's set in 2274, but it's the 1970s vision of 2274. I love the old future.

There was a hilarious moment from the game tonight. I'm gonna YouTube it. Stay tuned.


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