Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sid, Salt Trap Baby Bears

Wicked Sid Lester was great today, though a dong off him in the 7th turned a 4-0 breeze-schweeze into a 4-3 nail-nibbler. But we hung the hell on for a W. Salty was the offensive "hero." It was a challenge listening through the static from upstate New York. More on that tomorrow. Meaning today since as usual I'm posting at 2 in the morning.

P.S. Washington Nationals, can you stop fucking fucking* around and do to the Yanks what you did to us? At least when the Mets do their thing against the Yanks, I can take solace in the fact that I'm "used to it." But of you guys are gonna take the world by storm and stuff, you can't just turn back into the Expos again when you see the mystique and aura and ghosts and class and calm eyes and legends of today and traditions of yestermorrow and pride and power in the other dugout. Get your HEADS in the game!

*The first one is the adjec-curse, the second one is the verb.


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