Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rolling Rock And Rolling Rock

Wacky fielding night. Pedroia dropped an easy pop-up (called a hit because...the scorer wasn't watching?) to let the Cubs tie it at 2. Papi's dong made it 3-2, but then the fun really started. Matt Albers relieved emergency starter Franklin Morales in the bottom of the sixth. He would face six hitters. All six of them would hit infield grounders. Unfortunately, our fielders botched three of them. Fortunately, the Cubs only got one out of it. In the top of the next inning, the Cubs returned the favor large time. After an error, a bobbled ball that should have resulted in an out, and a successful suicide squeeze, the Sox had a 6-3 lead.

We tacked one on in the 8th, and despite Aceves putting the tying run at the plate with no outs in the 9th, we won the game 7-4, and the series 2-1. We're within a few games (4) of a playoff spot with months and months left and Ellsbury and friends on the way back soon.

Was fun to hear Tito on ESPN tonight.

And late in the game, I spotted my e-friend/real-life-friend Kelly O'Connor in the crowd! Here she is, to the left of Pedroia's head, camera in hand of course.

Check out her high-as-Snoop quality photos here.

About that thing I promised which you don't know about anyway and which I said was coming today: may have to wait a few more hours. Stay tuned. For the thing you don't know about. [Update: Post is done, is scheduled to go up at 9:30 a.m. Monday.]

I tried. I stayed all 14 innings Saturday and shouted unkind things at the Yunkees on Sunday. But those wicked Bronx boys certainly taught the DC upstarts something. I suspect Harper learned more from his three strike outs by Pettitte (and another one or two after that) than had he gotten two or three hits. There was a conversation between Jeter and Harper between innings around second base that I would've loved to overhear. I agree that there are many games left and time enough to have a run. Seems as if we deserve some good luck, tho I'm not sure you can count on luck to become a winner.

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