Thursday, June 28, 2012

Playoff Berthers

You know how we love it when extreme right-wingers do things like ask to see Obama's birth certificate (and then when they see it, ask for the real birth certificate instead of admitting they were wrong), because it lets the rest of the world know how bat-shit they are? Well the Boston sports media is officially at that point, if they weren't already. Just Google "Buchholz" right now and you'll see what I mean.

I love how for once the "story" is actually "can you believe the media is slamming X for Y?" instead of the actual misguided accusation. I think people are starting to come around to my way of thinking! Finally....

I keep threatening to do some sort of anti-media thing at Fenway. Well, I'm finally gonna get something going. Watch for a "major announcement" (major in my mind, anyway) here soon! We're gonna have some fun with this....

Except that the people slamming Buchholz are on the money on this one. Don't get me wrong - I'm not talking about Gresh and Zo or The Big O or any of those guys - but Gordon Edes, Eric Wilbur, and even Toucher and Rich had pretty decent takes on this.

At the very best - going to a pool party the day after you get out of the hospital, when you really should be on a West Coast road trip is tone deaf. At worst it is just plain irresponsible.
I disagree with you 100%. I really hope you're in the minority on this one. (The people you say are on the money are the exact ones I was talking about. And since when are Toucher and Rich "sports" media?) It almost reads like a joke. Like what I said after Beckett killed our grandmas with golf clubs or whatever, when I made the joke about that Brady Bunch episode, when Greg was smoking. In fact, I even joked once or twice about how nobody gets in trouble for doing charity work. But now they've taken it to that level for real!
The people slamming him are so off the money that it's ridiculous. The Red Sox *asked* him not to go out to the west coast on their trip, he was well enough to socialize, didn't drink, and the event he went to was some charity thing. People have been like "oh, I know he didn't do anything wrong, but it might cause a bad perception." But who else is even worried about how he's spending his time!? If *you* know better that he did nothing wrong, then what is the point of pretending that it might seem like he did if you were less informed? Why are we pandering to the illiterate like it matters what people who don't know what they're talking about think?

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