Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On To Chicago And Let's Win There

Blowout win tonight in Miami, so we win the series. Doubie almost rolled zeros, too.

Now we go to Wrigley (the Cubs are battling for worst record in all of baseball) before coming home for nine games. We're still 6.5 out of first but the Jays have joined us in the cellar. Gotta get right outta there and keep this winning streak going and we'll be back close to first again soon.

What I heard on sports radio was too disturbing to even talk about, but I'll just say that the seeds they planted yesterday bore fruit really fast! You'd think the Red Sox are 30 games out and made up entirely of Hitlers. And that was after a win! Fuck all those people. The backlash has to start at some point. I keep saying it, but I really am going to start making anti-media signs at Fenway. In fact, they've got that window that looks out onto Lansdowne, I say we all start bringing rotten tomatoes to games!


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