Monday, June 25, 2012

Newly Uncovered Kevin Youkilis Video

After the 2004 season, the Red Sox brought the trophy to every town in Mass., along with lots of other stops in New England and around the world. Pat and I went to the New Haven stop and I filmed the whole thing. Above, Kevin Youkilis talks to the crowd. Youk was the only player from the team at this event.

I've never posted any of this video, except for the opening and closing shots of my 2004 Rolling Rally video, which also come from this event. I figured now would be a good time to show the Youk portion. We heart you, Youk!

Pre-beard/bald Youks kinda looks like his cousin Jordan in this video, except bigger and broader. Ironically, Jordan actually sent me a work-related email today right around the time you were posting this.
I hope the cousin isn't saying the same crap about the Red Sox/Boston that the brother is.
Well, he didn't in his email at least. That's the brother with the restaurant in San Francisco, right? My wife and I ate there back in '08. Was it just that one tweet about Chicago being better than Boston, or has he been posting other stuff?
I read about the Twit-shit on Toeing the Rubber, that's all I know.

I wish I was in this crowd at Fenway right now. Foul ball heaven.

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