Saturday, June 30, 2012


Louis CK originally scheduled 5 NYC shows for his upcoming tour. It's up to 14 now! Seven nights, two per night. October 23rd is the latest to go on sale, and good tix are available. He also started with 3 Boston shows, and that's now up to 6. Those are January, though, so maybe more will be added.

You may remember I told you that Louie is selling all the tickets for this tour through his own site (via etix), for a flat rate of $45, all seats, all shows, no fees, no bullshit. His site even says you can't sell your tix for above face value, and that they reserve the right to cancel any tix that were sold for above face value. Well, I went over to ShitHub, and sure enough, the greedy ones among us have already put tickets on sale for hundreds of dollars each. There isn't a huge inventory over there, I'm happy to say, but some pricks are going for it. They aren't fans, they just buy tickets so they can sell them to fans to make a profit, which is the culture ShitHub has created.

So I e-mailed the Hub. I asked them, as long as they're going against Louie's wishes and letting people sell for above face, if at the very least they will let customers know that they might not get in with the tickets they buy. They told me that they're looking into it, that they don't want to sell tix that might not work, and that they "may" remove the offending tickets "if necessary." We'll see how that turns out.

(It also KILLS me that we're at the point that some people will hear that Louie, or anybody else, is going on tour and go right to ShitHub, as many Americans have been brainwashed to think that's just where tickets come from. This is a great example of how people need to learn to start at the source before going to the secondary market.)

One other odd thing: When the tickets for the tour went on sale, Caroline's sent out an e-mail linking to Louie's site. The NYC shows are not at Caroline's, but they are "presenting" them. But the link was a Ticketmaster link! (Which redirects right to Louie's site.) I'm worried that this means TM, despite Louie specifically avoiding them for this tour, is getting a cut, mafia-style. It could just mean that Caroline's originally intended to sell the Louie tix before the current tour idea was conceived, and was all set to sell through Ticketmaster, but changed it. But in that case, why not change the link before the e-mail went out? Why would TM be involved at all when they're not even selling any tickets?

Anyway, the first Louie episode of season 3 was pretty good. We're so glad at our house that a new season has begun. (And even though a lifetime of TV-watching makes us want to know what happened with the unfinished events from the previous season, I'm happy that Louie has stuck to his theory--each episode is its own entity, and doesn't necessarily connect with the one before it. If he wants to have his brother be white in one episode and black in the next, he just does it.)


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