Friday, June 08, 2012

Lots Of Good

We needed a night where everything goes right. ClayHH pitches a complete game shutout. Yanks lose too, so we move back to within 3 of first place.

And now we start with the BS interleague stuff. The Easts go head to head. We're at home for Washington, the Yanks get the Mets who are in line to show up, though I'll believe it when I see it, and Philly goes into Balty. The Rays go to Miami, and the Jays are in Atlanta.

Doubront/Strasburg, Friday 7:10. Let's show the NL who's boss! (While the NL shows the rest of the AL East that they, in those particular cases are, for three days, are the boss(es).)

Old logo moment from tonight: The kids of the Red Sox Foundation's "Red Sox Rookie League" got to run out with the players before the game...

 Awww, so cute...but what's that?

Unfortunately, the Red Sox Foundation missed that logo tweak in 2008. But I guarantee you they could pick out the new Marlins logo.

And check this out, from a commercial that aired on NESN tonight:

He's the one celebrity they've got, they refer to him as a legend, yet...they can't bother to look up the fuckin' spelling of his name, in a time where everybody has unlimited resources in their pockets. It's Wilkens. If I were him I wouldn't even show up.

Maybe they scrounged up some trainer with the 1960 squad named Lenny Wilkins, and will be honoring him.

And, really, a USA basketball legend? We have legends who made their name playing basketball for team USA?
I guess you could technically call him a "USA basketball legend" based on the fact that he's (presumably) American, and made a name for himself doing something in the basketball world, meaning coaching. But it wouldn't be my first choice of title.

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