Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Losing Streak Over, Mofos

Buchholz has been much more like what he already was lately, and not like the question mark people thought he was for no reason. We only scored 2 tonight, but it was enough for a 2-1 win. The Marlins had chances in the late innings, but Padilla and Aceves got their jobs done.

Here's a question: How come the Padillphus pitch is never called a strike? The ump always seems to miss it. Today Vicente threw one that looked perfect. Don, instead of noticing that the ump called it a ball, started a conversation about the pitch in general. (I did like how he noted that he's been throwing it all year, as opposed to McCarver, who acted like Padilla pulled it out of his ass as a gag.) Anyway, two pitches later, they went to the Pitch Zone, and you could see that the Padillphus had been right in the zone! Almost in the middle! Unfortunately, Don and Jerry were focused on the current pitch. But fortunately, Padilla got that batter out.

Earlier in the day, I made the mistake. You know, the "flipped on sports radio" mistake. If I was an everyday listener, this blog would be full of stories about the Big O. Fortunately I hardly ever hear him. But today I did, for about 5 minutes, and I heard him say that the Red Sox might be sellers at the end of July. Four losses. That's all it takes. Not for a caller, for the host. The Red Sox were 3 games out of first place, then they lose the next four games, and suddenly they're sellers! But here's the thing. This O guy has been in the business a long time. He knows it's all about ratings. And you could tell as he was saying it that it was strictly a shit-stir. Because it was done in that teaser style, like, after the break, we'll talk about how the Red Sox season may be over. Despite being four days removed from three out of first, with more than half the season left. I hate these assholes so much. Now they've implanted the word "sellers" into the minds of the know-nothing water cooler fans. They know exactly how much power they have and they're laughing their way to the bank (hopefully coming across some drunk drivers). The best is when someone calls them out on this and they give this big innocent routine about how it makes no sense for them to root against the Red Sox, and then proceed to laugh the caller off the air confidently, further brainwashing their existing moron fans into thinking they're on the level and the few smart callers are conspiracy nuts. You'd think they'd be the voice of reason if a caller said what they said today. Instead, they're the ones that plant the seeds. I swear I heard a caller that was planted too. The guy said something I've heard other callers say almost word for word, acting as if it was his own idea. Somebody needs to blow up that station and the other one too. HAVE I SAID THAT ALREADY?

The last paragraph is a shining example why I gave up sports talk radio a while ago, Jere. A cesspool I want nothing to do with.
I listened to 5 minutes today, they're turning Theo's comments about how he should have fought more to have a "bridge year" (i.e. not spend free agent money that year, and keep the prospects they had) was somehow proof that they own too many sports teams.

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