Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyone Reading This Has One Thing In Common

You all didn't tell me about this!

And I didn't see it when it was floating around last August. Obviously I haven't read D.S. in years, but I feel like I should have seen this somewhere. So, if it's old news to you, no need to tell me what a big deal it was because I can imagine. Well, big in the "weird news" sense of the word. And if it's new to you....I know, right?! People purposely fondling each other in the front row, facing out. And not just two. Did anyone ever figure out why this happened (beyond "for the hell of it"), or get any further info on the people involved? So odd. The only reason I found it now is because Fenway had a female PA announcer the other day, and when I went to Google info about our previous one (Leslie Sterling), this was the first story that popped up!

Anyway, I did research beyond what the original commenters did, and figured out the game in question was the Sunday night game, July 16, 1995, bottom of the ninth.

I'm going to comment because that is crazy/hilarious/disgusting/confusing/uncomfortable and dare I say slightly erotic! Tales of Ribaldry on Yawkey Way!
Poor binoculars-dude must feel very lonely!
Poor binoculars dude gets involved near the end of the clip! Don't feel too bad for him, Allan!

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