Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dice Back/Sox Don't Win

Dice-K gave us five "serviceable for a 5th starter" innings today. Overall I'm happy with his performance, his first major league start in over a year. Eight Ks, 1 walk, along with the 4 runs that gave he District a 4-0 lead. Had we scored 10...well, we didn't score 10, we scored 2. Had some squanders too. 4-2 LOSS.

Our 'pen was perfect. Nine out of nine retired by Morales, three out of three by Albers.

NESN was trying to pull a fast one with those overhead shots. Beautiful indeed, but not from today. Early in the game, when the shadows hadn't even entered the field, they showed a shot where you could see the shadows of the light towers/stands almost completely covering the field, which wouldn't happen for a few more hours. Judging by yesterday's weather, I'd say the shots were at least 2 days old. Then later, when the shadows were covering the field, sure enough they cut to an overhead shot of a field with all sun, no shadows. No, they didn't have the word "live" on the screen, but A. they showed it while the announcers were talking and talking about what a beautiful day they were currently experiencing, and B. they don't say "live" during the game anyway, it's implied. Why not just admit the amazing shots weren't from today? Why try to deceive people? It just made me wonder about all their not-obviously-today shots.

I saw the whole game except for one inning, which I heard in the car. Dave O'Brien noted how the next two series the Red Sox play will be in the newest and second-oldest parks in baseball. Wow, that's second only to playing in the oldest and newest consecutively...which is what they're doing in this series at home and the next one in Miami! Know what I'm sayin'? Why only say the second-most/best/least/whatever thing is happening without noting that the most/best/least/whatever thing is happening too?

Our contest is going into its final game, and everyone's alive! Though it will take quite a few runs/hits for some of you. Ryan is looking great in the hit column, and is also in good position for a sweep. Details below. Good luck tomorrow....

Actual Runs/Hits:

June 5: 6 runs, 11 hits
June 6: 1 run, 7 hits
June 7: 7 runs, 9 hits
June 8: 4 runs, 8 hits
June 9: 2 runs, 5 hits
June 10:

Current Total: 20 runs, 40 hits

Projected Total: 24 runs, 48 hits
Projected Winners thru Saturday, June 9th: Bosox Fan in Wichita (23 runs), (Ryan) (50 hits)


22: Section 36
23: Bosox Fan in Wichita
26: Rich G
28: (Ryan)
29: Kathryn
30: Kara
32: RedSoxDiehard
34: Mark UK
36: Mom
40: El Cerdo Ignatius
42: Charlie
43: Liam, Summa Contra

36: Section 36
50: (Ryan)
56: Kathryn
57: RedSoxDiehard
68: Mark UK
69: Bosox Fan in Wichita
71: El Cerdo Ignatius
75: Mom
79: Rich G
81: Liam, Summa Contra
90: Kara
127: Charlie

I thought the Nats big inning could've turned out different if the "hit" that got by Avilles would have been the DP it should have been. We coulda/shoulda won 2-1. Nice game by Diasuke.

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