Saturday, June 30, 2012


Aaron Cook was incredible tonight. A complete game shutout. Two hits. 81 pitches. As for the offense--just when I thought maybe we should try to stop hitting home runs, since nothing seemed to be carrying, we broke out with a three-dong inning, then added one more. The four homers accounted for all 5 runs in a 5-0 cruise control victory. (None were Papi's 400th.) Everybody in the division won--except the Yanks. I love it. They went down 14-7. FOOTBALL PUN.

Kim and I saw Moonrise Kingdom tonight at historic Avon Cinema. This may be a cop-out of a review, but if you like Wes Anderson, you should like this movie. I guess it's also a cop-out to steal someone else's line, but Kim put it perfectly: "He did a great job of capturing that time between childhood and adolescence." Once again, Wes creates a little world and gives you a full tour. I love the names he comes up with: "Khaki Scouts," "Center for Inclement Weather," "Bay of March 31, '75." Great performances all around, by many of his usual friends, but also some new ones--McDormand, Willis, Norton, Balaban (and another cameo which I'll keep a secret). The kids are also new, since kids grow up. Actually, now that I think about it, Murray and Schwartzman may have been the only "usuals." No Wilsons. But Mothersbaugh was involved with the score, of course. We also loved that this film was made in Rhode Island. I'm sure I could talk a lot more about MK but I'll have to see it a few more times first.

PS I always have to add this "extremely proud of myself" disclaimer: I was there from the beginning with Wes Anderson! It was 1996, and I was at Gumby's house, and we saw a thing on CNN about some of the weirder, lesser-known films of the year. Bottle Rocket was one of them. We went to Blockbuster and rented it on VHS that night, and loved it. So by the time the Rushmore previews were coming out, and I saw that Bill Murray was in it, it was already a case of double-awesomeness for me. And here we are today. I've been on board ever since, though I kind of skipped that one with the train in India or whatever. For some reason it just didn't excite me--yet part of me knows that since I've liked essentially everything else he's done, I'd probably like it.


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