Friday, June 15, 2012

Chicago Chicagoes The Sox

First things first. Wrigley Field does that thing where they put the team logos out on the field as the on-deck circles. And you guessed it--they've got the pre-2009 non-updated Red Sox logo. I guaran-fucking-tee you they were at Kinko's the DAY the new Marlins logo came out. But not even Major League Baseball teams (including the Red Sox themselves at times) know about our change. Someday....

So Dice-K started out poorly. (So did NESN--their audio was about 5 seconds behind the video for a while.) He walked three in the first--BUT, we know he does that kind of thing. No runs had scored, it was bases loaded, 2 outs, and the Cub guy hits a bloop down the left field line. Podsednik goes over, then decides to pull up. He takes 3-4 slow steps, and the ball lands....and almost hits him on the foot! Two runs score, and that's all the Cubs would need. I hate how Remy said he agreed with Pod's decision to pull up as we watched the replay...and refused to change his mind upon seeing the replay show he could have caught it. Not 100%, but, I think he should have given it a shot. Two would have scored anyway.

In the next inning, their pitcher hits one down the right field line--A-Gon decides to dive for it...turning it into a triple. Guy later scores with two outs. Funny, the non-outfielder tries a dive, the real outfielder pulls up. Had the opposite happened, we might still be playing right now. (Also, WHY THE HELL ARE WE PLAYING GAMES WHERE THE PITCHER BATS IN 2012? Oh...maybe I've noted this before....)

Dice settled down completely. It was a little bit of a mess early, but there was some luck. Then he did fine. And got 0 run support. I consider this a good day for Dice, though the radio will tell you he killed your family and that the team should be disbanded.

Dempster hadn't given up a run in his last two games, and that happened again today. We loaded the bases off their wild semi-closer in the 9th, but couldn't push anything across. 3-0 final.

Finally, as you know, NESN's been missing pitches lately. No news there, but they specifically do a bad job when it's time for the "clubhouse tour." They've even been known to show it on a split-screen while the game is happening. But today was the worst. They showed the Wrigley runway, alone on the screen, for FIFTY seconds. By the time they got back to the action, they'd missed a pitch, and barely got back in time for the next one. No mention of the pitch was made. No apology was given. They just decided that pitch didn't matter. (Or they thought they had it on split-screen.) Either way, those ass holes need to stop this crap. I'm all for seeing hidden parts of ballparks--but I also like strawberries, doesn't mean I want to turn on the Red Sox game to see a giant strawberry on the screen for three hours instead of the game. And you'd think since they've had this problem before when doing this, they would have made sure it never happens again. But no. Here's video of the "incident":

There was a specific Dice-K moment on the radio broadcast in the first. Dice struck out a guy on a pitch way out of the zone. Naturally, the radio guys went on and on about how Dice was lucky. The batter really helped him out. Then, Soriano comes up and they mention how Pedro really owned Soriano when he was with the Yankees. Pedro got Soriano to swing at all kinds of pitches in the dirt. So, dick-K is lucky the batter helps him out by swinging at bad pitches, Pedro dominates because he gets the batter to swing at bad pitches. (Not that Dice is Pedro OBVIOUSLY)

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