Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Gold-card reader MattySox alerted me to the DeWayne Wise play last night. I'm sure you've seen it by now since it's 2012. Terrible job by that ump. You have to ask the fielder to show you the ball! At the very least! Imagine that--the ball rolled SO FAR away from the play that the ump didn't even see the fan who picked up the ball and held it aloft. My first thought after reading about it was "I hope I get to hear the Michael Kay call...." And I did. You know you've gotten away with one when even Michael Kay can't come up with an excuse for you.

Two other things.

1. DeWayne Wise is on the Yankees??

2. The random article that came up first when I went to find this story said that Wise dove into the crowd "Derek Jeter style." AND I DON'T THINK HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC. Don't tell me there are people who still think Jeter did something impressive on that play. Wise went tumbling into the crowd WHILE going after a ball. This takes skill and fearlessness. Derek Jeter caught a ball, then, after making himself a sandwich and getting his car Simonized, jumped over a fence. Say it with me people:

DeWayne Wise jumped into the crowd POKEY REESE STYLE. (Of course, Pokey actually made the catch.)

Nice comparison to Pokey, Jere. Always infuriates me when people call the July 1, 2004 games between the Sox and MFY "the Jeter Game." His catch wasn't even the second best defensive play of the night: it was third. Pokey's catch down the line reaching in the stands was second, but first was the DP Slappy turned in the 11th, nailing Gabe Kapler at the plate. I'll never forget Kay screaming he thought it was a triple play and not a DP.
Ha, I was lost until you mentioned the "triple play" call, that brought it all back to me.

I'm just disappointed we apparently live in a society where people think Jeter did anything impressive on that play! I thought we were at the point where everybody figured it out, but I guess not. I don't even think that play could be top 5 in that game--it was just a running catch of a pop-up! (With post-play dive.)

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