Saturday, June 02, 2012

Another Series Won

The Red Sox are alone in 4th place after beating the Jays 7-4. We're 2.5 out of first as of this moment. We've won 5 of our last 6, 10 of our last 14, and 16 of our last 22.

Punto had a great day, including a bomb of a homer, after which his teammates gave him the silent treatment--finally broken by the lunatic himself (pictured).

Former Yankee-killer Darren Oliver came into the game for the Jays at one point, and I wondered--was he already playing when the father of today's Jays starter Kyle Drabek was in the league? He was. Doug Drabek's final year was 1998. Oliver's first year was 1993. So Darren played in the league with a father and his son, though he was never on the same team as the father.

Don Orsillo made a Sterling-like call today. Joseph Pteropodidae hit a deep fly to left. Nava went back, was about a step from the fence, and moved back in a step as he reached up and casually made the catch. However, Don thought it was gone off the bat, saying the ball was "crushed." But he was so sure of it, when we saw Nava catch the ball, Don was speechless, wondering why the dude wasn't rounding the bases. He didn't know where the ball could possibly be, never thinking it might be catchable. My only theory is that he must have been watching the stands, and when he never saw a ball land in a group of fans, he was confused. The fielder caught the ball in plain sight! Just a weird call by Don.

Sunday afternoon, Bard tries to give us a sweep, then it's back to Fenway again.

Screen shot courtesy NESN
Balt beats Tampa, so we're only 2 out of first place!

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